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How we are doing

At Livv we aim to deliver excellent customer service and make it as easy as possible for our customers to deal with us – it’s important that you feel like you’re getting a great service when you need us.

Every 3 months we tell you how we are doing against some really ambitious targets that we agreed with our Customer Panel, who represent the people living in our homes.

We’ve received feedback from over 5,300 of our customers since 1st April 2022, and have listened to what you are telling us to identify ways we can continue to improve the services we provide.

Here is our performance at the end of March 2023, based on scores provided by our customers:

January – March 2023

Overall how satisfied our customers are with the services we provide. We set a target of 83.5%.

This is how easy customers find us to deal with.
We set a target of 84.5%.

Overall how satisfied our customers are with our repairs service.  We have a target of 86%.

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