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We are making it easier to pay

Livv Online is our new digital platform that will help you manage more of your account online. From paying your rent to reporting repairs, with Livv Online you can access more Livv services at the touch of a button.

Create your account today or get more information on other ways to pay.

Paying your rent

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Our number one priority

Making sure you are safe in your home is our biggest priority.

We undertake inspections to help keep you, your family and neighbours safe. If you have a gas safety check or electrical test due, please remember to keep your appointment. 

Find out more about changing your appointments and read frequently asked questions about our safety testing programme.  

Home safety

For all you need to know about your home, check out our customer handbook
Read our customer handbook

Livv Housing Group reduces carbon footprint by 17%

In 2019-2020, Livv Housing Group saw its annual emissions reduced by 326 TCO2e in total (tonnes of CO2. Livv’s transformative initiatives included the introduction of an Environment and Sustainability Management Group, which has been tasked with driving the sustainability strategy improvement throughout the housing association.

Livv Housing Group reduces carbon footprint by 17%

ACT Early Campaign

Police forces across the country are working hard along other organisations to prevent vulnerable people being targeted by extremists groups. Family and friends know when something’s not right. It can feel scary to think someone close could be heading down a path towards extremism. The help is here, you're not alone. ACT Early.

ACT Early Campaign