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We are making it easier to pay

Livv Online is our new digital platform that will help you manage more of your account online. From paying your rent to reporting repairs, with Livv Online you can access more Livv services at the touch of a button.

Create your account today or get more information on other ways to pay.

Paying your rent

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Our number one priority

Making sure you are safe in your home is our biggest priority.

We undertake inspections to help keep you, your family and neighbours safe. If you have a gas safety check or electrical test due, please remember to keep your appointment. 

Find out more about changing your appointments and read frequently asked questions about our safety testing programme.  

Home safety

For all you need to know about your home, check out our customer handbook
Read our customer handbook

Calling all dog owners

To keep our public spaces clean and safe for everyone to enjoy across Knowsley, read this guidance… there are four main things to bear in mind. By following the guidance you'll gain respect and gratitude from all your fellow Knowsley residents for being a responsible dog owner. As well as avoid getting a fixed penalty notice of £100 or a fine of up to £1000!

Calling all dog owners

Thank you for the feedback

We send customers a survey after we’ve carried out a service for them to ask how we did. In a year we’ve had over 20,000 responses! The feedback we get (good and bad) helps us to learn and keep getting better. Of course, it’s always brilliant to hear from customers when we get it right, and here we share some of our favourite compliments from last month...

Thank you for the feedback