Scouse has gone global

It’s Global Scouse Day on Sunday 28th February. This is a day for all scousers across the world to unite and celebrate our city. Our residents are also joining in, we didn’t want our sheltered housing residents to miss out on this wonderful day, so we got in touch with them and invited them to get involved with their own scouse cook-a-long. We’re delighted that a few of our residents have taken us up on the offer and we’ll be delivering ingredients and instructions for them to be able to make their own scouse on Sunday.

plate of stew, plate of scouse

Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

This February 2021 marks the annual month-long celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) history. We want to support a very exciting, informative and celebratory month, to educate out any prejudice and celebrate the LGBT+ community. This year’s participation in LGBT+ History Month follows Knowsley Council’s launch of the No More campaign. No More addresses global issues of inequality and discrimination, using its power as a local authority to make positive change in Knowsley for its residents.

We’ve sent tokens of love to over 700 residents during Lockdown Valentine’s Day

We've tried to help residents in our sheltered schemes feel the love this lockdown Valentine’s Day by sending gifts and a special message to all 700 customers. Recognising that the past 11 months have been a difficult time due to coronavirus restrictions – with many residents staying indoors for the majority of the time - we have this year ensured that they will each receive a box of chocolates and Valentine’s Day card on February 14th.

National Apprenticeship week

Celebrating #NationalApprenticeshipWeek! We’re proud to be one of Knowsley’s largest apprenticeship providers with 150 apprentices joining us over 8 years. Meet Lauren and Joe, who joined us as apprentices a few years ago and continue to be a vital part of our team.

Happy Chinese New Year!

If you were born in one of the years listed within the article, you are thought to have an honest nature. You’re also supposed to be known to be diligent, dependable, strong and determined. It’s also thought that oxes will make plans and know what they are going to do before they go ahead and do it. Find out your lucky numbers, read about traditions and how our teams are trying to keep the festivities alive for our residents at our extra care facilities.

Ask for ‘ANI’

Victims of domestic abuse are now able to get the help they need at thousands of participating pharmacies across the country. If you are a victim of domestic abuse or know someone who is, you can now access support in a safe and discreet way at the locations displaying the ask for 'ANI' poster.

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