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Homes for rent

We have a range of homes available to rent, with new properties added regularly you’ll be able to find a home that’s right for you. Most of our homes are advertised through property pool plus but we do also advertise some of our homes on Zoopla.

If you are currently living in one of our homes and looking to move to a different area, HomeSwapper might be for you.

Property Pool Plus

To begin your application, visit the Property Pool Plus site. You will have to provide some documents along with your application, things like national insurance numbers and address history, so make sure you have all this information to hand before starting.

Complete your application with Property Pool Plus and then you can start bidding using the link below to search all the homes we have available.

We also advertise a selection of homes to rent on Zoopla. Register to view our available properties and arrange an appointment to view them directly.

Please note that if no properties display on Zoopla it means we haven’t got anything available at the moment. We regularly update our properties so keep checking for homes available to rent.

Visit Zoopla

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HomeSwapper is the UK’s biggest and best direct home swap service, it’s a quick and easy way to find the right property for you. It’s a community of 500,000 social housing tenants and a leading mutual exchange service. Click to read our mutual exchange policy below.

It’s free to create an account on HomeSwapper if you’re one of our tenants. We cover all of your membership fees. Create an account to get started. If you have any queries on how HomeSwapper works take a look at the handy guides available on their website.

Our checks

Before a swap can be finalised, we may carry out a few visits to check that your home is ready for the new tenant. Your new home will also go through the same checks as follows:

Property Inspection

We’ll assess the condition of your home and look for any damage or alterations you may have made. We’ll discuss any items you may be leaving or taking with you, such as fridge-freezers or cookers. We’ll discuss tenancy matters and any rent arrears. If you or the tenant you’re swapping with has made alterations without permission, the swap could be refused. If you or the person that you want to swap with have rent arrears, the swap is likely to be refused

Health & Safety checks

We’ll complete a thorough health & safety gas and electrical check. Anything that needs to be fixed should be identified and sorted out before your move.

Energy Performance Certificate

It’s a legal requirement for social landlords to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on change of a tenancy. We may arrange for an Energy Assessor to contact you for an appointment to complete an EPC prior to your move.