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Customer opportunities

Nobody can tell us how well we are doing better than you, which is why your feedback is so important to us.

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Tell us what you think

We want to make sure you can have your say and help shape the services that matter to you. Because your input is so important we have a range of ways for you to get involved.

Whatever your situation and however much time you have to spare, there is a way for you to have your say.


One way we collect feedback is through surveys; you might see online surveys posted on our social media channels or you may be asked personally to give us your thoughts on a service you have recently used.  Some recent survey topics include our digital platform and complaints process.

We can send you surveys via email, post or phone, with many surveys offering the option to be entered into prize draws.

Focus groups

Our focus groups are held throughout the year with each one taking a close look at a specific service. Focus groups provide a chance for you to give your opinions and hear views from other tenants.

Groups are kept small to give everyone a chance to be heard and will usually last no more than two hours. If you are interested we can arrange free transport for you to and from the meeting or reimburse you any out of pocket expenses. Sometimes we will also offer you an incentive for coming along!

Your help makes a real difference. We will contact you following the meeting to let you know what changes have been made as a result of your feedback.

Tenant and Resident Associations

Tenant and Resident Associations are run by the community, for the community. They are a great way of bringing people together; helping you influence and improve your local area. We support groups across Knowsley with advice, knowledge and training.

If you are interested in setting up a group, we can give you information to help get you up and running. We’ll also provide the right training to introduce members to their roles and responsibilities.

Contact us to check if there is already group in your area or if you are thinking about setting up your own group.

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We want to hear from you!

Use this form to find out how you can be involved with any of the above events or opportunities. If you have a general enquiry, contact us on our main form here.