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Gas safety

Every year we check that your gas boiler and any other gas appliances in your home are working correctly. This essential check helps us keep you, your family and neighbours safe. 

Annual gas safety check

Each year we will send you an appointment to carry out an annual gas safety check on your rented property. This check will look at all the gas appliances that we have provided. This check is essential. Gas appliances that have not been properly installed, are faulty or poorly maintained can cause gas leaks, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

We do spot checks of our work. After your annual gas safety check, gas repair or new boiler installation you may get a visit from a qualified inspector. They will carry out a quality assurance inspection of the work to help ensure our services are of a high standard. 

Please note – if you are in a Shared Ownership home it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for your annual gas servicing.  

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Frequently asked questions

Because your gas safety check is so important, we will need to rebook your appointment as soon as possible. If you miss your first appointment, your next one must be booked and completed within 7 days.

We have a legal obligation to compete your gas safety check each year. If we can’t gain access to your home, we will have to take further action. It’s our priority to keep you, your family and neighbours safe.

Because your gas safety check is a legal requirement, if you do not allow reasonable access to your home this will be classed as a breach of your tenancy agreement. This could result in legal action or the end of your tenancy, as well as repaying costs.

If you have missed your second appointment, contact us. We will need to do your gas safety check as soon as possible.

You will receive a letter with details of your appointment before your check is due. 

Our engineers will carry out a service on gas appliances we have provided, such as fires and boilers, pipe work and flues in your home. They will also install, test or replace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

If your engineer recommends that more work needs to be done on your appliance, always follow their advice. If you have doubts over the advice you have been given, get in touch.

You will receive a copy of the certificate within 28 days of the check being completed. Copies of the certificate are also issued to any new tenants before they move in. All gas appliances and associated test results are listed on the record. 

The test is completely free – we will arrange for one of our Gas Safe registered engineers will carry out the check. All our registered engineers will carry identity cards that show they are qualified to do the jobalways remember to check the card carefully before letting them in.

While we are not responsible for testing your own appliances, our engineers will do visual checks. Any safety critical faults found on these appliances will result in them being disconnected. Our engineers will not knowingly leave you at risk. They will inform you of any issues they discover but we are not liable for repairs to the appliances you own.

If you want to replace one of our existing gas appliances with one of your own, please let us know as you will need our permission. We will be happy to advise you before you do the work. 

Because of the safety risk they pose, we cannot give permission for tenants to install wood burning stoves, open flued appliances or flueless fires. Any unauthorised installations will be removed at the tenant’s own expense by our appointed contractor. 

It is very dangerous to sleep in a room containing certain gas appliancesThis includes open flued or flueless appliances, such as gas fires or cookers. If a room with this type of appliance needs to be used to sleep in, please contact us urgently. 

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Report a problem

Think there could be a gas leakDon’t take any risks!

If you smell gas or suspect a leak: 

  • turn the gas off at the meter 
  • open all doors and windows 
  • do not use any electrical switches or light  
  • call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 
  • call us on 0151 290 7000