International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021

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Today is International Women’s Day!

The 8th March has been celebrated across the world since the early 1900’s and originally the aim was to give a forum for women to campaign for equality and women’s rights. It’s evolved over time and now thousands of events take place across the world to recognise the progress that’s been made and celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Here, at Livv, we’re proud to be involved with The Girls Network, a nationwide charity that aims to inspire and empower girls from disadvantaged communities by providing them with a mentor and a network of female role models.

A number of our female employees volunteer as mentors with The Girls Network, including Catherine Dunne and Colleen Lloyd.

I was interested in becoming a mentor as I wanted to be able to use my skills and experience to help young girls develop their confidence and achieve their ambitions. There are many opportunities that the girls may not have the confidence to tap into. So, by supporting them and making them aware of their potential I can empower them to believe in themselves and what they can achieve. I’m really excited for the journey ahead.

Catherine Dunne explained why she got involved.

Colleen Lloyd also enjoys her mentoring role, in fact she also mentors with The Housing Diversity Network. Colleen is currently mentoring a young electrician who has ambitions to work in management.

Her mentoring role at The Girls Network starts soon.

I think it’s important that young women understand there are many different types of roles that are out there, not just the stereotypical jobs that other people might expect them to do, STEM jobs, for example, are underrepresented by women.  I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and helping the young women understand that if they wish to learn a trade, such as plumbing or electrical work then there’s absolutely nothing to stop them doing that

Colleen said.

Find out more about The Girls Network here