A helping hand in lockdown

June 8, 2020

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For the past six weeks Hayley, our Empty Homes Manager, was redeployed to Knowsley Council’s Volunteer Hub. She took some time to tell us all about the great work they’ve been doing there:

Knowsley Volunteer Hub are there to support Knowsley residents who have been impacted by COVID-19 and don’t have a network of family or friends able to help. They have been supporting our residents with the delivery of food parcels, assistance with shopping, dog walking and check in and chat phone calls.

I was working as a Ward Manager, matching residents’ requests with a suitable volunteer to help. During my time at the Volunteer Hub, the delivery of food parcels seemed to be the most in demand service, mainly from residents who are shielding and have little support from family. The Volunteer Hub are working with the Big Help Project at the Kirkby Centre and St Andrew’s Church in Tower Hill. Some volunteers are shopping for residents who are shielding and cannot leave the house themselves.

A few residents have been matched with volunteers for check in and chat calls which allows our residents to have a friendly conversation. Being in lockdown has isolated so many people with some not having anyone to talk to; for them, the check in and chat calls are something they really look forward to. One resident is speaking to a volunteer because she is fed up of only speaking to her husband!

I’m really close to my family and I’m missing them loads so I’ve been finding lockdown hard. However, volunteering for the Hub was really rewarding and eye opening. Whilst managing the Hub I realised that the people of Knowsley are willing to look out and support each other in a time of crisis.

If you or someone you know is shielding and may require support, please share the Volunteer Hub helpline number 0800 073 0043 with them; the Volunteer Hub covers the entire Knowsley area.