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Customer scrutiny

Want to make a difference to your local services and community? The Quality and Improvement Panel (QuIP) is a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved and bring about real change.

What is the QuIP?

The QuIP will be responsible for reviewing Livv Housing’s services and prioritising improvements. Their work helps ensure that we deliver our services to the best possible standard and offer good value for money. Acting as champions for other customers, the QuIP will make sure everyone’s voices are heard.

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Want to make a difference?

We will shortly be recruiting to the QuIP. The QuIP is an entirely new group. It is open to all customers living in a Livv property, whatever their background. In return for a couple of hours every few weeks, you’ll get:
• CV enhancing opportunities
• Access to technology
• Skills development
• Valuable work experience and references
• An opportunity to work alongside Livv staff
• Travel expenses

Email Jamie to find out how to get involved

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