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One important job we have as your landlord is to make sure electrical installations and wiring in your home are maintained and kept in a safe condition.

Electrical testing

As part of our electrical testing programme, we check our properties every 5 years. This report is known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report. These checks are essential for the safety of you, your family and neighbours, which is why it is important to keep your appointment.

Please note – if you are in a Shared Ownership home it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for your electrical testing.

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Frequently asked questions

The test is completely free – we will arrange for one of our registered electricians or approved contractors to carry out the testing. All our registered electricians will carry identity cards that show they are qualified to do the job; check the card before allowing anyone to start work on your electrical appliances or systems.

Because electrical testing is a legal requirement, if you do not allow reasonable access to your home this will be classed as a breach of your tenancy agreement. This could result in legal action and the termination of your tenancy as well as you repaying costs.

We will send you a letter with details 10 weeks before your electrical testing is due.

The testing will check:

  • For faults to the fixed wiring system
  • That fuses or circuit breakers fitted in the fuse board are of the correct type and size and that the circuits are labelled correctly
  • Whether the earthing arrangements for the property are correct and conform to the latest regulations

Our electricians will disconnect any fixed appliances or fittings if they are unsafe to use. They will arrange a repair.

Our electrician will not test your own appliances but will tell you if they see any dangerous defects.

If you see any of these danger signs, stop using the appliance straight away:

  • Frayed, cut or damaged leads
  • Cracked or damaged cases on plugs or appliances
  • Burn marks on plugs, leads or appliances
  • Blowing fuses
  • Loose cord grips in plugs or appliances
  • Loose cord grips
  • Cracked or damaged sockets/connection units

Do not attempt any electrical repairs yourself. If the problem is with your fixed wiring system, report it to us. If it is an appliance you own, either arrange a replacement or a repair with a qualified electrician.

Over half of all accidental house fires are electrical. Knowing how to spot potential risks could save your life. Visit the Electrical Safety First website for tailored safety advice and news of important product recalls.

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Lifts and stairlifts

Our passenger lifts are serviced monthly by an approved qualified lift contractor. They are also thoroughly examined in accordance with LOLER regulations. This check is done every 6 months by an independent third-party passenger lift consultant or insurance service.

Any assisted lifting lifts (such as stairlifts) are serviced every 6 months by an approved qualified lift contractor to keep them in good working order. If they are in a communal area, they will be checked by an independent third party assisted lifting consultant or insurance service. These checks are done every 6 months.

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Report a problem

Something not working? If you notice a problem with your home’s electrics or a lift, let us know as soon as possible. We will arrange for an engineer to come out to fix the fault.