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Watchfactory 2 - updates

Welcome to our dedicated page for Watchfatory 2. Here you will find information relating to the new development along with some frequently asked questions.

Works at Watchfactory 2

We are pleased to confirm that planning approval has been granted for 191 homes at the Watchfactory. In time this will see us deliver 80 family homes, eight bungalows and 103 apartments across three blocks. The new homes will provide a mix of affordable rent, shared ownership, rent to buy and older peoples accommodation in Prescot.

The  project will be delivered in two phases:

  • Phase 1 will start now and will include the demolition of the flats at Cross Street and Greenwood close and the construction of 137 of the new homes.
  • Phase 2 will start later this year with the construction of a further 54 new homes, subject to confirmation of funding from Homes England.

Download the site plan

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Introducing our Contractor

Livv have appointed Vistry Partnerships, a North West based contractor, to deliver the new  homes.

We had planned to invite local residents to a ‘Meet the Contractor’ event where we would display the plans and introduce the project team.   Unfortunately, with social distancing requirements we have not been able to arrange this and have decided to issue this newsletter.

The site team will be:

Site manager for the apartments:
David Welsh

Site Manager for houses:
Vincent Siner

Senior Contracts Manager:
Dave Suthers

Site operating hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: mornings only with permission from Livv

Other people involved in this project:

Design Co-ordinator:
Tom Boden

Community Engagement:
Julie Ferns

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Works are due to start June 2020

You may have already noticed work starting on site and over the next few months Vistry will be carrying out the following enabling works:

  • Installing fencing and gates around the site to create a safe and secure site boundary (see site set up plan)
  • Creation of the site compound with site cabins and contractor carparking which is proposed to be within the site boundary at Greenwood Close (see site set up plan)
  • Demolition of the void properties at Cross Street, Greenwood Close and Grosvenor Road
  • Removal of demolition material and the ground clearance


The demolition of the flats, the link between Greenwood Close and the existing Watch Factory site need to be carried out to allow the new roads to be created.    This unfortunately will involve the removal of a high volume of material from the site which will result in many wagons travelling in the local area for several weeks.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

Vistry will register the site with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.    This is an independent body with a code of practice which the site team will follow and have regular inspections to monitor and assess  performance on the site.    The Code of Practice includes items such as respecting the community, valuing the workforce and protecting the environment.

If you have any comments or complaints regarding the activities of a registered site, company or supplier, please contact them on the number displayed on their poster or for more information on the scheme please visit the Considerate Constructors Website:

Local Opportunities for Work and Training

Vistry are working with FUSION 21 to deliver social value during the delivery of the scheme.

Vistry are planning to support the local community with training local unemployed, assisting school leavers & youths who are interested in joining the construction industry.  Julie the Corporate Social Responsibility coordinator is very experienced in this area & has helped a lot of people to secure full time employment on similar schemes.

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Frequently asked questions

Demolition is scheduled to start June 2020 taking between 12 – 14 weeks.

Vistry have provided Knowsley Council Planning Department with the plan of how the demolition will be managed.   This will include dust suppression measures for example spraying water from hoses or directly from machinery during demolition and the use of ‘silencers’ on percussion instruments to reduce noise levels,

Formal and temporary road closures will be in place during the works.    The road closures will not be in place straight away and we will keep you updated as to when they will happen for how long for.

The pedestrian walkway from Albany Road to Greenwood Close will be closed during the works.

An area within the site boundary is planned to be carparking for contracting staff.    This will be start to be established as part of the site set up works.

Vistry will employ road sweepers to ensure the roads are kept clean.   The use of wheel washing for construction traffic leaving the site will also be used to help minimise debris on the roads.

Vistry will erect signage to direct all deliveries to the site compound.

Site working hours will be 8.00am – 6pm Monday to Friday

There may be occasional Saturday working which Livv would agree with Vistry in advance and local residents would be notified.

Vistry are responsible for site security and will use monitored CCTV to do this.

The overall works are due to complete before the end of 2022.  The works will be carried out in phases and we will provide more information on the phases in future newsletters.