Gender pay gap report – 2020

July 14, 2021

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 Livv Housing Group are a significant employer in the Knowsley area, with nearly 500 employees delivering services to over 23,000 customers.

All organisations with more than 250 employees are required by law to publish details of their gender pay gap.

Most organisations have a gender pay gap, and we are pleased to say that ours is better than others, including those within our industry.

The data shows for Livv Housing Group that our mean gender pay gap is -5.6% (down from – 3.5% last year) compared to the UK average of 14.6% and sector average of 10.41%, demonstrating that our mean gender pay gap is a lot lower that the whole economy and our sector

 As an organisation we are committed to ensuring that our people are rewarded fairly for their contributions, regardless of their gender. With more females appointed at a higher level and an increase in the number of females earning an hourly rate in the upper half of our pay bands has resulted in change to this year’s gender pay gap.

We offer our employees a wide range of flexible working options to enable them to effectively manage their work/life balance. These options include part-time working, job share, occasional home working, collaborative working hours and agile working.

We appoint people to roles based on merit and regardless of age, race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or religion and belief. However, we recognise that some groups are under-represented in our workforce and we are committed to ensuring that our employees reflect the make-up of the communities we serve.

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