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Fire risk assessments

At Livv we’re committed to being transparent with you about how we manage safety in your home, including how we keep you safe in the event of a fire.

As part of those safety measures we’re required to carry out regular Fire Risk Assessments for any home that has a ‘communal’ area in it. We carry out these reviews on site at regular frequencies based upon the risk of the building, and we review them all annually for any relevant changes that may be required.

Enter your postcode to see the Fire Risk Assessment for your building. You can either see the ‘summary report’ or the full detailed Fire Risk Assessment.

The summary report shows you the actions that were needed following the last Fire Risk Assessment and will show if we have complete those actions within the timescales recommended by the Fire Risk Assessor.

If you would like a copy of the full Fire Risk Assessment for your home, please contact us using the link below. Please give your name, address and postcode.

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